Protection Services

Professional Consulting, Design and Project Management Services

Übertas Protection Services programs are much more than simply the placement of security guards on your property. Our programs are custom designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your overall security posture. Our operators bring a unique combination of experience as well as the ability to act responsibility in the most pressing of circumstances. Each of our Program Managers has over 20 years of experience in the military, law enforcement and management.

Most security companies rely solely on traditional methods in operations and force management using paper DARs, time sheets and manual tour reports. Those methods force them into a reactionary approach to security management. Übertas is proactive, employing cutting-edge cloud-based technology, operating in real-time, that shows our supervisors and clients “Right Now” scheduling, attendance, guard tours, DARs and incident reporting.

Our system even includes photos and video clips on our dynamic dashboard. Our Protection Officers possess a much higher level of situational awareness, training and professional image than the typical security guard. Our program promotes individuals who become proficient in counter-surveillance, security system operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

What makes Übertas different?

Protection Programs include:

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