Alarm Monitoring

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Intrusion alarms, commonly known as Burglar Alarm Systems, are used to detect and report unauthorized entry or activity within designated areas and facilities. Control panels are installed in critical areas of a facility or a store to monitor the doors, rooms, hallways and windows for unusual activity or break-in. Typically, keypads are installed in designated areas to conveniently arm/disarm the alarm panels when the facility is opened and closed for the day. Sometimes, card readers are used to arm/disarm these systems.

Devices such as door contacts, glass-break sensors, motion detectors, infrared beams, vibration sensors and even video surveillance systems are used to detect unauthorized entry, unusual activity and break-ins. These systems might include local alarm sirens, flashing strobe lights and even voice alerts & instructions. They are most often monitored 24/7 by an off-site central station. “Burg” systems are usually installed to monitor sites after hours when there is no one on the premises. “Hold-Up” and “Panic” Systems are used in attended facilities (convenience stores, banks, etc.) where a hold-up is in progress or that a suspicious character is in the store and the clerk suspects trouble. These alarms are triggered by under counter hold-up buttons, foot switches, “bait clips” in cash drawers (removing the money under a bait clip triggers the alarm) and wireless remote pushbuttons carried in pockets/purses or worn around the neck. When the central station receives an alarm, they contact the local authorities, or whomever they are instructed to contact to let them know that a break-in or hold-up is in progress. In order to avoid fines for false alarms, some jurisdictions require “alarm verification” before the authorities are contacted.

We use closed circuit television systems to “look in” and/or contact a local guard service to go to the location to verify the break-in. Once verified, the local authorities are called to respond to the trouble report.

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