Identity Management

Quantum Secure software suite is designed to connect disparate security, IT an operational systems and to automate manual security processes in order to reduce both costs and risks

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Übertas is proud to partner with Quantum Secure, providing professional implementation services and value added technologies. Quantum Secure is the only proven technology provider in the physical security industry that unifies global physical identity, compliance and risk management. Founded in 2004, Quantum Secure has created the industry’s first and most comprehensive physical security management software suite called SAFE.


Today, the SAFE software suite remains the leading solution for managing identities and provisioning access and physical security infrastructure. Capabilities help to automate physical security systems functions, such as physical identity management, role-based access, visitor management, self-service administration, identity/event correlation and reporting, functionally merging all into a single web-based interface that is easy to manage and use.

Our team experience includes, but is not limited to the integration of:

Our Solution:

Centrally manages all types of physical identities-employees, contractors, visitors and vendors

Automates processes and policies for on/off boarding, physical access management, badging and managing visitor identities

Integrates with physical security systems and synchronizes changes with logical systems

Automates physical security compliance and audit initiatives

Provides executive level reporting and analytics on security data

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