√úbertas is a unique specialty security services firm made up of internal and external partners. We are fully licensed and insured. We specialize in security-related software and physical security systems integration. Our offerings include access control, businessintelligence, identity management, long-range microwave and satellite communication systems, mass notification, worldwide emergency location and tracking systems, video surveillance, remote alarm & condition monitoring and all levels of active denial and protection (security guard) programs. We develop unique, new products.

Our focus is two-fold: First, is to assist our client partners by offering or designing solutions that increase the efficiency, effectiveness and value of their overall security posture, while lowering their spend and liability exposure. Second, we offer qualified candidates positions within our company as member partners. Our member partners are technical specialists, installers, system design consultants and sales associates. Our members take ownership of customer accounts. Each member specializes in one or more specific fields.

As a company, we have decades of experience as industry innovators, systems designers, project managers and deployment experts. We know how to get things done efficiently and effectively. We share our knowledge and expertise, as well as our networkof vendors and suppliers. We leverage our collective experience. We work diligently to deliver solutions, not simply products and are able to provide the highest levels of service, quickly and efficiently. We lower overall program costs by levering technology, complimenting our systems and our protection officers with unique in-the-cloud software tools.

Our software systems are modular and customizable to meet specific needs.Each of our program managers has decades of experience in his/her respective field. Our protection program managers are ex-military team leaders with extensive experience in high threat, high responsibility deployments.

We invite you to learn about what we offer and to consider becoming one of our partners.Your organization will have the inside track on the latest technology, industry information,specialized capabilities and new, unique products. Your costs will be the lowest possible because we eliminate the middlemen!

Please let us know of your challenges at info@ubertascontrols.com. Thank you for considering our company. We look forward to working with you!

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