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Übertas is a company comprised of Partners, both external (Customers) and internal (Team Members). We offer products and services in many markets and have developed proprietary software available only through our Associates. The Company offers programs for individuals and companies. Whether you are a consultant, a sales person, a technical service or support person, a systems installer, an existing company, an individual or a group of people wanting to start an Übertas office in your area, one of our programs could be just what you’re looking for!

Which of these programs will meet your goals?

Start an Übertas Office in Your City

Each Übertas office has its own ownership structure. When setting-up an Übertas Controls office, Übertas headquarters will set-up a legally chartered Limited Liability Company doing business as ‘Übertas Controls’. Each Übertas Controls office will have exclusive rights to our products within an assigned territory. Each office includes co-owner Members, each owning a portion of the company. Each member is expected to make an initial investment in the company in proportion to their ownership interest and is responsible to meet their proportionate share of overhead costs unless the office is self-sustaining. The office will offer all Übertas products and services under license. Each office will use the Übertas name, our branding, our website, our business tools, business forms, proposal templates, marketing collateral and back-office services. Members are responsible to cover the costs associated with any required State licensing, insurance, business cards and email accounts along with the production or purchase of our branded marketing collateral. Members are compensated according to a contract for distribution and are eligible to share in the office’s quarterly or annual profits according to their ownership interest. Each Member is an integral part of their team and builds an increasing annual income stream as their office grows. Each team member shares in the profits of the accounts they manage as well as the profits of their office.

Übertas Members

An Übertas Member is a co-owner of a local Übertas Controls office as described above.

Be an Übertas Affiliate Company

An Affiliate Company is an existing company doing business in one or more of our markets wanting to expand their business by working with us to bring our products and services to their customers. An Affiliate partnership is a non-exclusive arrangement whereby the Affiliate is licensed to sell our products and services and use our logo on their website and marketing collateral along with the words ‘An Übertas Affiliate’. The Affiliate works with our offices and strives to meet quarterly sales goals in each applicable vertical market. Affiliates can involve our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assist their personnel in promoting products, doing demos, creating proposals and closing sales. Übertas SMEs who assist our Affiliate in the marketing and sales cycles will share in the commissions earned. Affiliates can optionally work under our licensing and insurance. Affiliates most often will require our assistance to architect and price projects.

Be an Übertas Value Added Reseller (VAR)

An Übertas Value Added Reseller is an established company with a presence in one or more of our markets. VARs have their own professional sales, installation and support staffs. They have assigned territories, assigned vertical markets and must meet quarterly sales goals to continue their VAR status. VARs possess the expertise to promote, sell, install and service our products without our assistance. VARs can work with Übertas SMEs to architect custom applications and price any professional services. VARs are licensed to use our logo and the words ‘An Übertas Value Added Reseller’ on their website and in all their marketing collateral. VARs use our established price lists and bring our product features to their projects. VARs do not operate under our licensing or insurance.

Become an Übertas Agent

An Übertas Agent is an individual subscribing to our Agency program. An Agent is an independent contractor who pays an annual subscription fee to the company. The subscription fee covers the costs associated with licensing, background checks, an initial supply of business cards and branded marketing items. Our product brochures, business forms, proposal templates and a library of product descriptions, operational characteristics and white papers are available as downloads from our website. Agents may purchase marketing giveaways (pens, pencils, coffee cups, thumb drives) and branded items such as leatherette binders, shirts, blouses and ball-caps from our website.

Agents are entitled to a profit split on any contract, product or service plan they sell and manage. This profit split is in effect as long as the Agent professionally and profitably manages the customer account. Agents build an increasing annual income stream by adding more customer accounts to their portfolio year after year.

An Agent joining our company is not a Member. Agents are therefore not co-owners of any Übertas Controls office. Agents may become Members at some point in the future according to company policy. Agents are compensated according to a contract for distribution and work under our licensing and insurance.

Qualified Agents may be licensed as a security consultant, a security salesperson, a security systems installer or a security systems service representative. An Agent may remain unlicensed and sell, install and support those products that do not require professional licensing.

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Physical Security
Access Control
Video Surveillance
Offsite Alarm & Condition Monitoring
Remote Communications
Fire & Safety
Vehicle Access & Parking Control Systems
Parking Area Space Available Systems

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Performance Contracting
Protection Services
Mobile User Locating Tools

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Defero Global Solutions
Mass Notification
Emergency Notification
Smartphone Emergency Notification & Tracking
Anti-Card Cloning
Time & Attendance Systems
Secure Automated Facility Entry Systems

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