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The purpose of our Membership and Agent offering is to invite smart, qualified, energetic people to join our company and establish a full-time or secondary income stream by learning our products and services, introducing them to their network of business contacts, associates and friends. In doing so, our Members/Agents build a widening customer base and create a stable, continuing income stream. We are the perfect fit for people wanting to get out of Corporate America and stop worrying about being victimized by unpredictable management policies and layoffs.

Professionals joining our team should have a good understanding of what we offer. They should understand a bit of our history and why we started our company. This opportunity is not for everyone. It’s for individuals willing to study, understand and become experts in our product offerings. Members and Agents are self-managed professionals who truly care about their customers. They have a great work ethic, are detailed oriented and are serious about creating successful relationships.

“There is absolutely NO reason to start another company and be like all the others! You MUST bring something unique and very different to the marketplace to make a difference!” ----- Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Our Name

The name of our company has purpose! ‘Übertas’ is a Latin word that basically means "productive". Cassell’s Latin Dictionary lists many definitions of the word: “fruitfulness”,  “copiousness”, “abundance”, “fertile”, “rich”, “fruitful”, “productiveness”, “bountiful”, and “plentiful”.

We chose to combine these descriptive terms into our own definition of ‘Übertas’. We define the word Übertas as “That elusive quality possessed by those few individuals and organizations that improve everything they touch!” This single word is our registered trademark. It describes each of our Agents and Members, each of our partners and all of our company's activities.  Our name is descriptive, not restrictive.

The most successful people in any business know that the most important single ingredient in their business is their relationship with their customer. They pay attention to customer satisfaction. They are willing to be involved in every aspect of the supply chain affecting the customer experience. However, many terrific, capable people work for companies that do not allow them to be directly responsible for driving what their customers need most …… quick, effective, efficient and profitable results. We want those individuals to join our team and bring those customers to us so they can manage them more successfully. Our hope is that these individuals will bring more and more relationships into the fold and that their customers will refer their friends and associates to us.

Most people understand that starting their own business is extremely time consuming, very expensive and requires an inordinate amount of their time dealing with administrative issues. Acquiring the best product lines and securing credit accounts is sometimes next to impossible. Becoming licensed and fully insured is costly and many times requires a higher level of experience than they possess. Marketing collateral is expensive and takes a great deal of time to produce. Even creating business forms, contract documents, setting policies and procedures, establishing relationships with legal firms and accounting service providers takes away from the time needed to take care of customers. We have already addressed all of these issues and perform these tasks for our Members and Agents. Our marketing collateral, brochures, business forms and contracts are all in electronic form and available in our Members & Agents portal on our website. Simply print what you need when you need it!

Übertas performs the back office tasks for you: credit & collections, legal & accounting, insurance, human relations, marketing, secretarial, vendor relations, product development and administration. We even provide tax-planning advice and CPA services for those unfamiliar with using pre-tax dollars for every legitimate expense. We have eliminated middlemen in management and the supply chain, along with needless meetings and reporting requirements.

We never micro-manage Members or Agents. We expect them to self-manage and control their schedule and activities. We know they will take care of their customers. There is no requirement to attend sales or operations meetings and no expectation for them to write endless pipeline or WIP reports. Whether a candidate is presently a professional in another business, a salesperson in one of our markets, an operations manager, an installer or a technical service specialist, they understand that time is their best asset. Talented professionals time is best spent taking care of his or her customers. We’ve created a business that promotes these values: take care of our customers; remain open and transparent; share everything among team members and customers.

We have spent decades in the design, sales and service of technical systems. We have over forty-five years of experience in the consulting and systems integration space. We have analyzed what works well and that which stands in the way of consistent and sustainable customer satisfaction. We know what it takes to create and sustain successful, profitable relationships with customers. We continually counsel with outside professionals about each and every aspect of our business. We study legal issues and accounting practices, taxation and payroll regulations. We know the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction is to establish a successful business relationship where we prove ourselves to be an informed and trusted professional. The Übertas business model promotes Member, Agent and Customer success in equal proportion.

Übertas is unique. It’s a very different kind of company. We’re all about partnerships with our people and our customers. We’ve created a company with a simple mission:

We don’t look at customers in the normal sense. We want to develop partnerships with our customers where we have structured agreements to share profits and savings. We promote Relationships. We become our customer’s source of Insider Information, Best-Practices and Cost-Plus Pricing. We show our customers how to save money on systems and services. We share our knowledge, our expertise, our industry know how and our network of dependable manufacturers and industry experts. We are really in business together!

We purchase wholesale and pass part of our buying power on to our customers. They have no need to look elsewhere for products or ask several suppliers for competitive bids. We help them understand the true costs involved in their projects. We get the job done better, faster and more economically by working closely together.

Members manage their customers and their part of our business. They share in every profit dollar they produce. We want them to build residual income and equity. They will be part of a professional team designing, selling, installing and servicing cutting-edge technologies. Some of our products are unique to our company. Imagine having products that no other company offers. Members take care of customers and insure their satisfaction. In doing so, they guarantee customer satisfaction, their own success and the success of our company.

We provide our Members the benefit of our decades of experience and knowledge in our industries. We offer to train them on all our vertical market technologies. Perhaps they already have expertise in one or more of our markets. We train them in the products and services they are not familiar with and provide them a wider range of solutions for their customers. We offer the benefit of our vendor relationships and our network of great people and contractors. We will help establish a Member in all of the markets we serve. The more capability they have, the more they can successfully penetrate their customers’ business enterprise.

Ask yourself these questions:

‘What kind of company do I work for?’ ‘Am I treated fairly?’ ‘Do I have a career here, or just a job?’ ‘Is my job stable?’ ‘Will I experience a cut in pay or benefits at the whim of management?’ ‘Does my company truly value me, my contribution and my customers?’ ‘Can I contribute my ideas to help the company grow?’

By joining Übertas, you’ll become part of a professional team. You’ll make your own decisions, schedule your own appointments, training, meetings and seminars. You’ll decide where you go and when. You will decide what type of vehicle to drive and which social, golf or country clubs you’ll belong to. It’s up you to decide how much money to spend on training, travel and entertainment. You will call your own shots manage your own career!

Our mission is simple: Cultivate our Member/Agent culture. Take care of our customers! Provide our customers the service and support they deserve. Make them happy. Get their referrals. Bring in more customers, more Members and more Agents. Grow our business!

Agents and Members have the opportunity to design, sell and support all of our offerings. Currently, our portfolio includes these products and services:

The Right Fit

We’ve worked with hundreds of talented, professionals over the years. Many ‘company men’ struggle with the fact that they have no real job stability and no clearly defined career path. A fortunate few find their company to be a comfortable fit. Many do not. We want to attract the ones who do not. We look for those who are unhappy with their current situation and know they can do more. They are the smartest, most capable professionals in their industry but have little or no control of the customer-care process. Many feel that if only they had more control of the customer satisfaction process, their customers would be happier and they, themselves, would be more successful. We agree!

We are mindful that each and every customer has a wide choice of vendors, suppliers, consultants and integrators. We encourage our Members and Agents to learn from one another and think outside the box. We believe the customer is always right. Our motto is ‘Under promise and over deliver!’

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Physical Security
Access Control
Video Surveillance
Offsite Alarm & Condition Monitoring
Remote Communications
Fire & Safety
Vehicle Access & Parking Control Systems
Parking Area Space Available Systems

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Performance Contracting
Protection Services
Mobile User Locating Tools

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Defero Global Solutions
Mass Notification
Emergency Notification
Smartphone Emergency Notification & Tracking
Anti-Card Cloning
Time & Attendance Systems
Secure Automated Facility Entry Systems

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"There is absolutely NO reason to start another company and be like all others. You MUST bring something unique and very different to the marketplace to make a difference!"
 - Sir Richard Branson 

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