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Defero Global Solutions is a modular cloud-based software suite developed by Übertas. System features and functionality go far beyond the capabilities of typical mass notification notification systems. Defero’s three independent modules can be deployed independently or integrated with one another to create an interoperable, robust, market-specific system. Individual modules can be integrated with many third party access control systems.

Mass Notification

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The Mass Notification module is available as a locally installed system or as an in-the-cloud subscription. Unlike legacy mass notification systems that issue notifications to pre-defined user groups, Defero/Mass Notification can control various hardware systems, transmit information to user groups or specific users. Basic system functions include:

Emergency Notification

Defero Global Solutions offers multi-site architecture so multiple campuses can communicate with one another. A single activation can send different messages to different groups. Authorized users can lock down an entire facility with single-button activation. Reconfigurable icons appear on screen such as ‘lockdown’, ‘shelter in place’, ‘active shooter’, ‘assistance needed’ and ‘evacuate’. The system communicates events and messages to access control panels and workstations.

Global Rescue

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The Defero/Global Rescue module is a smartphone application that is downloaded to mobile phones, tablets and private or emergency responder smart devices and private radio systems. Mobile users can declare a need for assistance by pressing the ‘emergency’ button on their smartphone screen and be tracked using GPS until help arrives. The system provides bi-directional communication with our Mass & Emergency Notification modules, as well as transmitting photos and videos from the field. All users of smartphones and tablets can communicate directly with corporate security, department managers and even one another via SMS text, email, voice calls and push-to-talk walkie-talkie.

Global Rescue is available in several configurations designed to serve specific markets:

Whiteboard functionality allows PC Client users and individual mobile users to immediately illustrate developing situations on everyone’s screens. The system identifies the physical location of each user, in real time, follows their movement and instantly creates a Common Operating Picture (COP) on the screens of all designated users simultaneously.

The Integrated System

Legacy mass notification systems flood management and users with alerts and information that might have no relevance to their particular operation, department personnel or themselves. Integrating the Defero/Mass & Emergency Notification modules with Defero/Global Rescue produces a synergistic system with a true mobile component. Designated users of the mass notification module receive an email letting them know anytime a Global Rescue user has declared an emergency, instructing them to open the mobile app to view the common operating picture, see details and view tracking of the individual needing assistance.

Defero can provide communication between emergency responders, administrators, department managers, user groups, group-to-group and even between individual users via voice, text, white boarding and walkie-talkie.

The system can instantly determine and report the location of all employees, dependents and contractors. Defero allows system administration to create a list of every user’s current location, complete with latitude/longitude, street addresses and display and update those locations on selectable map types.

Defero improves response time, reduces errors, provides the best intelligence and unique situational awareness to all responders instantly. The Any Crisis Management Center is more informed and more effective using Defero Global Solutions

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Physical Security
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Video Surveillance
Offsite Alarm & Condition Monitoring
Remote Communications
Fire & Safety
Vehicle Access & Parking Control Systems
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Performance Contracting
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Mobile User Locating Tools

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Defero Global Solutions
Mass Notification
Emergency Notification
Smartphone Emergency Notification & Tracking
Anti-Card Cloning
Time & Attendance Systems
Secure Automated Facility Entry Systems

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