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Our team of consultants brings over 125 years of collective consulting, design, project management, systems integration and support experience to the table. Each of our principles has been an operative in the field as well as a manager or executive. We have extensive experience in technical service, systems architecture, sales engineering and finance. Most of us come from large, international control systems companies, video technology providers or software companies. We are conversant in CFATS RBPS, MTSA and hold DHS CVI certificates. We have designed, implemented and managed programs that included deployment and support of systems in tens of thousands of customer locations. We have assisted manufacturers, dealers and end users as consultants, designers, project managers, JV partners and above all, problem solvers!

We design solutions, not simply systems. We bring disparate systems and vendors together. We work effectively individually or managing a team of professionals to keep your project moving and bring your systems on-line, on time and under budget! We study the challenges you face. We possess a unique ability to identify problems and find solutions. We work well with all levels of labor and management. We have the knowledge to recommend, implement and support equipment and software that makes our client companies more productive. We fully understand the labor components required to install and support the systems we design. We are especially practiced in the design and implementation of “Enterprise Solutions” requiring nationwide coordination, implementation and support.

By fully understanding project coordination, deployment and support, we are able to drive delivery dates and bring systems up, on time, in thousands of locations. Our consultants possess unique experience. More extensive than most any security consulting group, our team’s experience is hands-on, in the field and on the firing line!

We have spent our careers being personally responsible for the design, successful installation and servicing of systems ranging from small, localized systems to extremely large national deployments. We stress ‘Best Practices’ and work with our clients to produce maximum value for each investment dollar. We are proponents of ‘lowest overall cost of ownership’ through maintenance programs that are comprehensive, economical, mitigate exposure and produce maximum up time!

Our experience includes, but is not limited to the integration of:

An Übertas Performance Contract covers hardware, software, service and maintenance of systems previously under contract to many different vendors. Performance Contracts reduce administrative overhead and systems expenditures by having a single qualified contractor responsible for these systems and services. Contracts will no longer be administered separately. No longer will invoices have to be audited, approved and processed individually. Übertas Performance Contracts eliminate administration costs and dramatically reduce the time spent in vendor meetings. Operating within established budgets is assured. Annual spend can be reduced 10, 15, 20% or more!

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Physical Security
Access Control
Video Surveillance
Offsite Alarm & Condition Monitoring
Remote Communications
Fire & Safety
Vehicle Access & Parking Control Systems
Parking Area Space Available Systems

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Performance Contracting
Protection Services
Mobile User Locating Tools

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Defero Global Solutions
Mass Notification
Emergency Notification
Smartphone Emergency Notification & Tracking
Anti-Card Cloning
Time & Attendance Systems
Secure Automated Facility Entry Systems

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"There is absolutely NO reason to start another company and be like all others. You MUST bring something unique and very different to the marketplace to make a difference!"
 - Sir Richard Branson 

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