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Vehicle Access, Parking and Revenue Control Systems

Parking and Revenue Control Systems are real time computerized systems for transient and credentialed customers. Systems are available with varying levels of functionality and complexity, and allow parking owners and operators to control access and maximize & collect parking revenue from users with or without the use of physical cashiers.

- Control who is allowed to enter Contract Parking areas according to schedules, date & time of day
- Control Retail parking areas and garages with retail store validation
- Develop fees for commercial and retail parking areas where parkers are charged by the hour. Include a period of ‘Free Parking’ or validation where the retail store or commercial business is responsible for the parking charge.
- Swinging, Sliding, Decorative, Overhead and Semaphore gate systems
- Walk-up pay stations (eliminating cashiers)
- Smartphone pay applications in lieu of parking meters
- Smartphone geo-location, Card, PIN, NFC, Cellular, Intercom & Radio access control
- College & University parking can be integrated with student’s real-time geo-location, assigned parking areas and class schedules to insure the proper number of spaces are available to authorized students at any given time

Übertas manages the design, installation and maintenance of comprehensive parking and revenue control systems. These systems utilize various access control technologies to gain access to restricted, or reserved parking areas. Some methods of access are card readers, biometric readers, ticket dispensers, and RFID stickers. Our parking management software maintains tight revenue control, and increases your audit capability. Online systems allow parkers to pay for remote parking without the need for onsite management.

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