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A Performance Contract is an agreement between our company and a client to meet specific performance and cost containment goals and share in the efficiencies produced in achieving those goals. The client must have a desire to improve the quality, dependability and efficiency of existing campus or building systems and services. Our goal is to significantly lower the clients’ administrative costs and annual spend on systems and services included in the contract.

All research, budgeting, development and review of a performance contract is confidential and covered by a mutual non-disclosure agreement. The client is tasked with working with us to identify wasted resources, inefficiencies, weak points and liability exposure in existing systems and programs. We research and propose alternatives that reduce administrative overhead and result in more dependable, more efficient systems. Combining the costs of several systems results in a lower blended cost, significantly lowering the customer’s annual spend. Performance Contracting produces less systems downtime and reduced customer liability. The more systems and services that are combined into a performance contract, the more significant the cost savings can be.

The client agrees to assign responsibility for the implementation, proper operation and maintenance of these systems to Übertas for a specified period of time and at an agreed-upon cost. Performance Contracts provide financial incentives for our company to exceed the stated goals of the program. Metrics are monitored by both the client and Übertas and studied in scheduled meetings.

Areas usually combined and covered in an Übertas Performance Contract:

We provide our customers with comprehensive solutions. In addition to pricing hardware, software and support we are able to provide complete wiring & cabling schematics. We can provide ‘one-stop shopping’ for equipment, quoted price contracts, installation and nationwide deployment and support. We also offer “box sales” for clients who don’t want to package equipment and labor into a lump-sum contract or who have competent technical staff to perform installations in house. We can also be engaged to train your staff on the installation, maintenance and support of the systems we design.

Now, more than ever, companies of all sizes are seeking ways to become more efficient. Controlling initial investment costs and lowering the on-going cost of ownership and operation makes these companies more competitive. Übertas deals directly with manufacturers, integrators and national deployment partners. We provide a fresh approach for cost containment. We can show you how to more efficiently design, deploy and support your systems. We specialize in Performance Contracting.

Our extensive experience could help you find a fresh and economical approach to solving your systems challenges. Please consider adding us to your team!

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Access Control
Physical Security
Video Surveillance
Remote Communications
Fire & Life Safety
Vehicle Access, Parking & Revenue Control Systems
Parking Area Space Available Systems

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Performance Contracting
Consulting & Design/Build
Protection Services
Offsite Alarm, Condition and Personal Safety Monitoring
Smartphone Emergency Notification & Tracking
Mobile User Locating Tools

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Defero Global Solutions
Mass Notification
Emergency Notification
Smartphone Emergency Notification & Tracking
Anti-Card Cloning
Call Monitoring, Recording & Archiving Solutions
Time & Attendance Systems
After-Hour Vendor Facility Entry Solutions

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